Deep Cove to introduce harsher parking restrictions this year

May 3 2018, 11:52 pm

Finding a parking spot in Deep Cove on a warm, summer day can be next to impossible. Now, the District of North Vancouver is taking steps to ease congestion with stricter parking regulations and temporary closures of the Quarry Rock trail.

The District of North Vancouver council has voted to introduce more parking restrictions and limit the number of people who can hike Quarry Rock.

According to a city document, Council is taking action in the following ways:

  • Placing limits on large vehicle access
  • Adding traffic control personnel
  • Increasing mobile enforcement personnel
  • Managing capacity on Quarry Rock Trail
  • Adding community liaison staff
  • Expanding time restricted parking
  • Introducing “Resident Parking Only” on 2200 to 2500 block of Caledonia Ave

Council outlined the new proposed parking restrictions in the map below. There will be an increase of parking spots with 3 hour time limits.

Deep Cove

Deep Cove proposed parking/ District of North Vancouver

To manage foot traffic on the Quarry Rock hiking trail, Council said park rangers will periodically close the trail (for limited periods) at their discretion when it reaches capacity.

A maximum of 70 people will be allowed on the rock itself, and this will be monitored by park rangers in consultation with Police, DNV Fire, and North Shore Search and Rescue.

The decision made due to safety concerns. The District of North Vancouver noted that last summer, DNV ‘Fire and Rescue Services responded to 30 calls for rescue and assistance on the Quarry Rock Trail.

Each call usually involves four fire trucks, 12 firefighters, one ambulance, and two paramedics.

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