David Hawksworth reveals name of new Vancouver restaurant [UPDATED]

Dec 19 2017, 8:12 pm

We’ve been awaiting the arrival of celebrated Vancouver fine dining chef David Hawksworth‘s second restaurant for almost two years now, and with much under wraps about the venture, food fans have been hungry for details for some time.

But it looks like at least one cat is out of the bag: What’s been known as “Hawksworth 2” is going to be called Nightingale.

There were a few excited tweets about the name drop:

Initially slated for a Spring 2015 open, Hawksworth’s new restaurant will be on the ground and mezzanine level of Oxford Property Group’s MNP Tower at 1021 West Hastings Street. On the menu will be what Hawksworth has called “clean, uncomplicated, ingredient-forward fare with a modern, playful twist,” celebrating the best of the region and season.


The 120-seat Nightingale is an impressive 7,400 square feet, and will boast a prominent bar in a more laid-back and “industrial-rustic” space.

We’ve reached out to the Hawksworth team to see if there is any more info available about Nightingale.

UPDATE Feb. 17: The Hawksworth team has just unveiled Nightingale’s website, and says the restaurant anticipates opening mid-April. The name comes from Aesop’s Fables: “Aesop’s Fable tells the story of a hungry hawk who catches a tiny nightingale and chooses to eat him instead of waiting for a bigger bird to come along: it gives us the proverb ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,'” explains their official release. Look for preserved 19th Century features within the decor, and the exciting addition of Gin & Tonic on tap.