David Chilton of Dragon's Den chats with Vancity Buzz

Dec 19 2017, 3:50 pm

He pats his hair and laughs, telling me he has been asked many times if it’s a toupee or not. I am hereby confirming that the man otherwise known as “The Wealthy Barber,” does indeed have a great head of real hair, and a wealth of knowledge to accompany it.

Honest in his anecdotes, humble in his accomplishments and humorous in his confessions of pitches gone wrong – David Chilton of Dragon’s Den is not just an investor, but what I shall can an in-best-tor. Why? Not because he is one of the best at what he does, but because he believes in what he does.

As we sit down to chat, he explains what stories move him and what pitches he will never forget. Also, that one time he won an arm wrestle against some female all-stars, and then was forced to arm wrestle people in airports for the next two weeks who had seen the episode. He quickly retired from that endeavor.

Although I was his last interviewer of the day, he still approached every question as if it was the first time he had been asked, laughing and joking along, and even listening to a pitch by Vancity Buzz’s very own Paul Davidescu.

Filmed and Edited by:Tim Tulloch
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