Video: David Booth Kills A Bear

Vancouver Canucks forward is known to be outspoken, especially on twitter. Couple of weeks back he went to twitter to proclaim he’s off to kill a few bruins. At the time many didn’t know what he was talking about. Then later he tweeted an image of him in from of 7 foot black bear that he had just killed. This was all filmed for the upcoming The Edge TV Series. He later tweeted the video.

Watch as David Booth hunts with Ryan Kohler on The Edge TV series.  David Booth arrows a massive Black Bear in Northern Alberta with Twin River Outfitters.



Naturally many of the comments on YouTube weren’t favourable. Many of them coming from Canucks fans. A little food for thought to the negative commenters, do you eat meat? Then I think you may need to reevaluate your dislike. I’m not condoning his actions or hunting for sport. I think it’s unnecessary, however, if you chow down on burgers and other meats, how do you think they get on your plate?