Daily Hive launches influencer marketing agency ID

Jul 4 2018, 11:17 pm

Daily Hive is proud to announce the launch of ID Agency, an in-house influencer marketing agency.

The launch of ID comes on the heels of the acquisition of Colony Digital, which brought a full-service creative agency in-house at Daily Hive.

Together under one roof, Daily Hive is now able to build brands through a full suite of in-house digital services and distribution to over three million readers monthly.

Some of the team behind ID Agency (Matt Bourne/Colony Digital)

Nearly 10 years ago, Daily Hive was created using social media to build a community of readers and followers. Now, a decade later, user habits are different, brand affiliation and loyalty is strong, and mobile platforms and applications have changed the game for marketing.

Marketing departments have – and continue to – move funds from traditional to digital, and they can’t ignore the power of influencer marketing moving forward.

“We’ve seen a void in the market, especially on the West Coast, as well as a strong demand from our brand partners to work with local influencers who have organic engagement,” says Karm Sumal, CEO and Co-founder at Daily Hive.

“In the same breath, we found a disparity in the community for independent content creators. As creatives with a strong community focus, it is our hope that ID will serve as a platform to unite creators and brands, and nurture growth in this digital age.”

Working with a starting base of nearly 50 macro and micro creators, ID is set to build a much-needed community for influencers, giving them the time, creativity, and flexibility to tell outstanding stories through brand partnerships.

“With our roster of content creators added to the mix, we are expanding our digital community and services in order to continue to create diverse digital media that can be experienced by everyone,” Sumal says.

Since launching in June 2016, Daily Hive has taken steps to develop new channels, such as Dished, Urbanized, Grow, and more. ID is yet another step on the journey towards connecting people and cities around the world.

And we couldn’t be more excited.

Visit id-agency.ca to find out more and visit them on Instagram and Facebook.

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