Beauty Files: 3 oldie but goodie beauty products we can't live without

Dec 19 2017, 8:45 pm

New products are always lining the shelves at our favourite apothecaries and as bonefide beauty junkies, we love that.  And while we always have our eyes out for the latest and greatest, its refreshing to see that some brands can stand the test of time and keep their products on shelves for decades, without much change.




Rosebud Salve

This iconic brand was originally found in 1892, and while its best know as a balm for the lips, it is multipurpose – so good for chapped elbows, knees and irritation. We love the original tin packaging but for those who are looking for something a bit updated, they also offer the slave in a rubber tube as well as strawberry and mint scents. The company is still family-owned and about 3,500 tins are sold a day.

Retails for $7.50 at all major apothecaries.

Everest Jergens Bottles


Jergens was started in 1882 by Andrew Jergens, who started up as a one-kettle soap works in Ohio, making soap from coconut oil. Since, the company expanded their lines and created new products including soaps (in 1901) and Face Powder (1920), and even Jergens Natural Glow sunless tanner (2005). To celebrate their 100 year milestone, they’ve re-launched their daily moisturizers which is available in five variants that uniquely work to deeply hydrate. Healthier looking skin? Amen. 

Retails for $7.49 at all major drugstores.


Chanel No 5 

When Coco Chanel launched Chanel N°5 in 1921, we seriously doubt she knew it would be the top selling fragrance, worldwide until this day. She claimed she wanted to create a scent for women that smelled like a women, and wanted the bottle and name to be simple – hence the square and just a number. Fast forward a few decades, and women still flock to this scent in the perfume aisle.

Retails from $50 to $260 at major department stores.

What’s your favourite cult-classic beauty product?

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