You could win real cryptocurrency through this free simulation trading platform

Apr 27 2018, 5:17 am

Cryptocurrency. You’ve heard it mentioned everywhere, you’ve read stories about young people striking it rich, and you’ve probably wondered: “Should I get involved?”

But there’s risk involved in every investment, and cryptocurrency is no different. Plus, who wants to treat their hard-earned money like a science experiment? Luckily, there’s now an alternative.

You don’t have to blindly invest your life savings on Bitcoin. Instead, you can test the crypto waters for free by trading on the free simulation trading game platform, Altcoin Fantasy.

How the game works

By playing the game, you’ll learn how to trade cryptocurrencies risk-free. You’ll start the game with $100,000 virtual USD and make trades during the contest period. At the end of the weekly contest, the players with the most net worth win actual cryptos like Bitcoin, Stellar, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, or Ripple.

In-app preview/Altcoin Fantasy

You get to make as many trades as you want out of the 1,300+ coins and ICOs that Altcoin Fantasy supports. And if you’ve got the highest amount of USD at the end, you’ll be walking away with what could be hundreds of dollars of real cryptocurrency.

Altcoin Fantasy is essentially an education platform where you can learn what to do or not do before you try your hand at actually investing. And since the founders of the game believe that blockchain technology will change our lives, they want to empower you to learn more about the space with absolutely no risk to your wallet.

Learn about ICOs and coins

Tommy Chan, CEO of Altcoin Fantasy, realized that scam ICOs and coins have been causing a stir and that’s why he wants to point out how the Altcoin platform enables you to learn about the differences between them in order to make sound investment decisions.

Did you know that cryptocurrency prices can fluctuate 25% in just a single day? That’s why it’s a good call to try trading in a simulation environment with Altcoin Fantasy, with absolutely no risk, so you can learn how the market moves and the different trends that affect the cryptocurrency market.

How you could win real Bitcoin

Altcoin Fantasy is running a promotion with Daily Hive readers where top traders in the contest will win $500 USD in real, digital Bitcoin. All you need to do is sign up via Altcoin Fantasy here to be entered into the contest.

It begins at midnight on May 7 and runs right through to May 13 but you can sign up as early as May 4.

This contest is being run in accordance with Altcoin Fantasy’s own rules and regulations. 

If you’re eager to learn more about cryptocurrency, visit Altcoin Fantasy now. You can also download the app for free on the Google Play and iTunes stores to go crypto on your smartphone.

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