Canada's first branded marijuana company opens in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 10:36 pm

Crop King Seeds is the first branded marijuana company in Canada that sells seeds for cannabis genetics at over 140 stores across Canada.

Image: Cropkings

Image: Crop King Seeds

With their head office located in the Penthouse of Gastown’s Dominion building, Crop King Seeds has over 20 strains of marijuana and 13 employees gearing up to become the next “Molson Canadian” of North America’s fastest growing industry.

Image: Cropkings

Image: Crop King Seeds

Kyle (last name withheld), the owner of Crop King Seeds has been asked over and over during his time in the industry; why the marijuana business? “Why not? I could have gone into the trendy Micro Brewery industry but then I realized that alcohol is far more harmful and destructive than marijuana. I wanted to be a pioneer, a game changer to bring a positive change to our country and communities.”

The majority of people buying cannabis seeds these days are baby boomers and senior citizens.

Image: Cropkings

Image: Crop King Seeds

While the archaic laws are finally being lifted, it’s the positive news and information that’s become apparent about the alternative treatment to medical conditions that’s really increasing sales. This once taboo plant is being promoted as alternative treatment to often harsh medications to various conditions.

Kyle travels the globe seeking the best genetics to offer to medical and recreational growers across the country. “What grapes are to wine, seeds are to cannabis,” he notes.

With fancy packaging and promotional items like hats, posters and t-shirts, Crop King Seeds is very active in the community and donate regularly to organizations whose purpose it is to legalize marijuana across Canada. Their mandate is to speed up legalization so the government can tax and regulate the industry like the USA started to do last year.

“For 70 years the government has lied to us and many people have made a living from the prohibition of this beneficial plant. Now those lies are coming to an end and each day we go to work, we realize we are selling a product safer than alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs,” Kyle says.

In 2015 Crop King Seeds completed the “World’s First Marijuana Commercial” to promote their business, the commercial features local actor Charles Zuckerman.

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