Crocodile alert: Surrey RCMP receive calls about 'croc' swimming in marsh

Jun 13 2017, 12:36 am

Surrey RCMP have been receiving calls about what looks like a crocodile swimming in a marsh off Highway 17 and 104 Avenue.

Ok, we know it’s pretty unlikely that a crocodile would inhabit any part of BC, let alone Canada. But people are pretty convinced that a long scaly creature has been taking a dip in Surrey.

On Monday, Surrey RCMP tweeted a picture of the so-called “Croc,” and revealed that what people have been seeing is actually a commercial truck tire.

According to another tweet, Surrey RCMP says that they got called to the same area a few weeks ago, but they believe that tire has just been floating along the marsh.

No need to panic, people. Also, before you call Surrey RCMP to report another croc sighting, remember that it’s probably just another tire.

Simran SinghSimran Singh

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