Crime Stoppers asks for anonymous tips to counter rising domestic violence

Apr 22 2020, 10:51 am

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers says that recent statistics are pointing to a rise in domestic violence. Now, they’re asking for anyone with information regarding domestic abuse to step forward through anonymous tips.

Since the pandemic began, Vancouver’s Battered Women’s Support Services has reported a 300% spike in calls to its crisis line.

Linda Annis, Executive Director of Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, says that friends, neighbours, and strangers down the street could be suffering, especially with no clear end for the stay-at-home orders.

“With no sign yet of the stay-at-home orders being lifted, people may know of friends, neighbours, or even relative strangers down the street who may be suffering abuse at the hands of a spouse or partner,” Annis explains. “Many people don’t want to get involved, but an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers may put an end to it, or even save a life.”

Crime Stoppers also notes that similar trends are being reported in other major areas, such as New York City.

“With the pandemic deepening and domestic violence worsening here in BC and around the world, we should all be vigilant,” Annis adds. “If you know someone who’s a victim, an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers means the information will get to someone who can investigate.”

Common signs of domestic abuse include a partner who is jealous, possessive, excessively controlling, or who insults their partner in front of others. The victim may be constantly worried about making their partner angry, making excuses for their partner’s behaviour, or have unexplained marks or injuries.

Anonymous tips can be provided through the Crime Stoppers app or by calling 1-855-448-8477.