9 movies and TV shows being filmed right here in BC

Feb 28 2017, 3:06 am

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Forget about jetting to Hollywood – if you want to experience the hustle of the film production industry, you can stay right here in British Columbia.

You’ll find film directors and actors shooting movies in every corner of our province, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Given this, it’s no wonder that Vancouver’s been coined as Hollywood North – and there’s a long list to prove it.

To celebrate BC’s Creative Industries Week, we’ve compiled a list of movies and TV shows that are being filmed in Vancouver – right now.

Arrow: Season 5

  • Directors: Joel Novoa, Wendey Stanzler
  • Producer: Todd Pittson
  • Local production company: Oliver Queen Films – A Division of Hannah Rachel Production Services Ltd.

This series has garnered the attention of people from all over North America, so you might be surprised to learn that the American TV series is being shot right here in Vancouver. Watch the DC Comics character named Green Arrow chase after criminals who are debatably just as dangerous as himself.

Lost in Space: Season 1

  • Directors: Neil Marshall, Tim Southam
  • Producer: Brad Van Arragon
  • Local production company: Mayflower Productions Inc.

Once Upon A Time: Season 6

  • Directors: Alrick Riley, Ron Underwood
  • Producer: Kathy Gilroy
  • Local production company: Stage 49 Ltd.

Once Upon A Time is an intense playoff on the classic fairytale – only this one packs a lot of punch. People live in the quiet, small New England town named Storybrooke – but they’re unsure of their personal identities. The problem is that they’re trapped there due to the queen’s curse that’s given her almost complete control over their destinies.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce: Season 5

  • Directors:  Robbie McNeill, Lisa Edelstein
  • Producer: Clara George
  • Local production company:  GEP Girlfriends Inc.

Film: Light of my Life

Director: Casey Affleck
Producer: Geoffrey Quan
Local production company: Light of My Life Film Inc.

Light of my Life is a feature film that’s being produced in Vancouver. Casey Affleck amazingly directs, writes, and acts in and for the film which is slated for release in 2018. A man and his daughter deal with the trauma of living in a world that’s been struck by a viral outbreak, and as a result, they must try to survive in the wild. Affleck will play the father while Canadian actress Anna Pniowsky will play his daughter.

Film: Meditation Park

  • Director: Mina Shum
  • Producer: Stephen Hegyes, Raymond Massey
  • Local production company: Meditation Park Film Ltd.

Keep your eye out for the shooting of this indie film that will include reputable characters like Grey’s Anatomy actress Sandra Oh. It was written by writer and director Mina Shum who crafted the story of a Chinese-Canadian woman in her 60s who finds out that her husband is cheating on her.

Supergirl: Season 2

  • Directors: Kevin Smith, Armen Kevorkian
  • Producer: Todd Coe
  • Local production company: National City Films, a division of Adjacent Production Services Inc.

Project MC2: Season 3

  • Director: Unlisted
  • Executive producer: Shauna Phelan
  • Local production company: Project MC2 Production Inc.

Doomsday: TV pilot

Director: Joachim Ronning
Producer: Shawn Williamson
Local production company: Pico Productions Ltd

These aren’t the only films, TV pilots, and TV shows that are being shot in BC right now. Check out the full list to get the scoop on BC’s talent. For more information about BC Creates and Creative Industries Week, check out Facebook and Twitter.

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