Crazy Sustainable Commute August 27th

Dec 19 2017, 12:34 pm

This Friday is the Crazy Sustainable Commute challenge. This is when  you have to find a fun, creative and sustainable way to get to work without using your car! There are so many options for example skateboarding to work.
The Crazy Sustainable Commute is a one-day campaign to get people thinking creatively about how they can commute to work. The primary goal is to engage ‘car’ commuters with the idea that environmentally sustainable transportation can be fun. Anyone anywhere is invited to participate in creative, memorable, and eco-friendly ways. In Vancouver, there will also be at meet-up at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 5pm to join with the critical mass bike ride.

Save money, get healthy, and become a leader in sustainability at your workplace. Think outside the car. The more creative and unique your ideas are, the greater our impact will be!

How do you take part? Easy! On August 27th:

Commute to work in a way that is non-traditional, fun and raises awareness (e.g., skateboard, roller blade, canoe, kayak, pogo stick, skip, or hop)


Use alternate transportation that day. Don’t drive your single occupancy vehicle.

Sign up today at: And check out the very fun video promo at

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