27 year old Vancouver man turns to Craigslist to find dream woman

Dec 19 2017, 6:01 am

Vancouver is tough for single people. For some reason or another, singles in the city can’t seem to hook up for longer than a few days of unabashed fun. One man is fed up with the Vancouver dating scene and has highlighted a list of things a woman would receive if she chose to marry him. Interesting and not sure if this guy is actually serious, but it’s worth a read.

Since Vancouver is such a difficult place to meet a potential partner (esp for man) I have decided to try the unconventional way of meeting someone. Every women I meet either want to just take it slow (which inevitably means nothing) or wants to date forever and never really settle down. I am also fed up with women giving me mixed signals (both older and younger or around my age) I have become tired in presenting myself to the women of Vancouver. Nothing seems to work, no matter how polite I seem, how bad ass I sound or how crazy I party or how much money I make. Women all have different ideas of “complete package'”.. So here is my proposition. Below is the list of things I will reward or give you if you decide to marry me. You can say it is somewhat a glorified dowry but yeah here it is. I think this is a better proposition than me telling you what I will do and what not.

If you marry me I will reward you the following:

First at our wedding you will receive:
Two hundred camels (not the cigarette, the actual freaking camel)
five hundred date trees (planted where you wish is to be planted)
one thousand yards of Thailand’s finest silk
fifty acres of arable land in northern Alberta
one hundred hectares of barren land in central Saskatchewan
four hundred Persian carpet made from finest material
five fine china dinner set made by European masterclass
two large bed frame made from Burmese teak wood
three sets of cooking pots made from Australia cooper
fifty grams of 24k gold
three diamond rings each of two carets
fifty horses and two carriages
one ford focus car
two harley davidson
an entire floor of the VAG
two urban farms
your own swimming pool

On our fifth wedding anniversary you will receive:

one hundred grams of pure gold
one kilogram of pure silver
one platinum ring
fifty acre of prime location land in the Okanagan valley
two dragoon eggs (cant gurantee they will hatch)
two hundred milking cows
one digital SLR camera
two state of the art oven to bake
one hundred pairs of shoes
two coach leather bags
three sail boats
ten elite force body guards
one ray bay sunglass
two Chanel dress

If you bear me the fruit of a child:

For every son you give birth: I shall rename a town in western Africa after you and reward you with five nannies per son, buy you three houses. Son must be gentleman and not be wealthy only. I will train him.
For every daughter you give birth: two diamond rings (three carets). Remember when we wed our daughter off we will receive dowry so no need to spend lavishly on her. Plus our daughters will be smart enough to marry a smart man.

On our 25th wedding anniversary:

I shall reward you with five luxury houses of your choice. They can be from anywhere in west Vancouver. Also another two hundred camels, one island home in Dubai and your own personal butler. You may also decide at this point what kind of car or jet you want. I would personally recommend a sail boat. I will also rename five Australian mining towns after your name and your ancestors. You shall be richer than the queen of England, Oprah, J.K. Rowling put together.

As for my love and affection, well you will have to win my heart for that. You must show and tell me why you are worthy of my unbiased, unconditional and ever lasting love. What do you have to offer other than your obvious beauty and body? What intellectual benefit can you provide to me? Remember, you can have all those I mentioned above and more if you marry me, but if you are to win my heart you must tell me and show me what makes you stand out from the crowd..

Also I am NOT a Caucasian man. If you were looking for a white man, sorry I am not it. I am brown but I like to think I am a coconut (brown from outside, white wash inside). No I dont treat women badly or behave bad with them and I dont have an annoying thick Indian accent. I am not even from India as a matter of fact. I dont smoke, drink or do drugs. I am a confident mature man who likes to get what he wants. I have two university degrees, speak four languages fluently, traveled to dozens of country and self employed. I respect my women and I expect the same from them. But here in Vancouver most women see a darker complexion man and right away seem to come to some weird messed up conclusion. If you are one of those women, dont contact me unless you want to be proved wrong.

If all this resonates with you and you would like to make a formal proposal then please reply to my message with a recent picture of yourself. I shall read your proposal and take everything into consideration. Once successful I shall contact you and tell you more on what we can do


Source (Note the post has since been removed)