Behind the brand: Craft of Lyfe is changing the way we think about buying clothes

Dec 1 2017, 6:27 am

When it comes to fashion, Vancouverites are on the lookout for something unique from a brand.

To trust in a business that cares about more than just mass producing clothes to make a profit. A brand that offers transparency, and super stylish, timeless clothing at affordable prices. Thankfully, there’s a brand that ticks all these boxes.

In 2016, Flory Huang and Amir Arani decided to do something different in setting up their clothing company Craft of Lyfe. While focusing on easy-to-wear basics made from premium materials, the Victoria-born brand is part of a positive movement that’s about so much more than material. It’s creating paths to education with the money made from sustainable collections.

Craft of Lyfe recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Daily Hive spoke to co-founder Flory Huang to find out how it all started.

Can you tell us about how Craft of Lyfe began?

Craft of Lyfe began about seven years ago when Amir and I first started a Google Doc of business ideas. Despite our different professions (he’s a consultant with a Chartered Accountant (CA) Designation, and I’m a designer, communications, and marketing specialist), we were always enthusiastically dreaming about entrepreneurial adventures while elevating a cause we value. Here we are now, creating avenues to education with the money we make from minimalist, sustainable clothing that can be worn in any wardrobe.

What is it that defines Craft of Lyfe and sets it apart from other local apparel brands?

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We’re serious about positive impact and build it into our business, so we support local projects and educational initiatives with up to 20% of proceeds/sales of products sold. When you buy our clothes, you add to your closet but you also collaborate with us giving to our society, paying it forward.

Craft of Lyfe chooses ‘to produce responsibly and consume purposefully’. What systems do you have in place to facilitate this?

We focus on local design with conscious material use. We try and have a series of products that are made with RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) – think plastic water and soda bottles, a type of polyester. When we can, we also try and work in organic cotton into some pieces as well. Our manufacturers are also RPET-certified or have other certification and/or standards in place to ensure the clothing is made with ethical and fair working practices – like the World Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certification. WRAP awards organizations that comply with safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing. You can be certain that the factory used is still certified for fair and equitable labour/working conditions.

You recently launched your second collection and a women’s line of apparel, ‘The Kindling’. What makes it different?

‘The Kindling’ is symbolic of our first year into this project. We see it as the spark, the jumping-off point after our inaugural Breakwater Collection! We’re learning what our community prefers and values and will use the feedback to help us direct new collections coming up.

Lastly, why should Vancouverites choose Craft of Lyfe apparel over other brands?

Vancouverites should choose Craft of Lyfe if comfort, the styles, and the cause resonate with them (I personally refer to this as ‘the comfy club with a cause’). There are amazing local brands also creating high-quality product out here. We want to change the way fashion is made (no more sweatshops and fast fashion threads that fall apart in a month). This is us pushing for that change and we hope to continue to build the community to do it. With so many resources, education, and technology, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all be working together to take care of each other and the world we share.

For more information and to shop The Kindling Collection, visit Craft of Lyfe. To get the latest style updates, check out Craft of Lyfe on Facebook and Instagram.

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Craft of Lyfe stockist:

Where: The Basement by the Loyal Coalition – 235 Cambie Street
Contact: (604) 688-0955

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