Here's how to tell if that CRA phone call is a scam or not

Mar 11 2022, 2:57 pm

The Canada Revenue Agency is once again warning Canadians about scam calls as tax season is underway.

We are all familiar with scam calls at this point. Whether it’s an air duct cleaning service, winning a cruise, or a warrant out for your arrest, you’ve surely received at least one scam call. This year, the CRA is trying to get ahead of scammers by providing tips to make sure you’re speaking to an actual CRA agent.

How to make sure it’s not a scammer on the line

  • Ask the caller for their name, phone number and office address,
  • Hang up the phone,
  • Google the information provided to you to confirm it is factual
  • Call the CRA agent back

Simple enough if you have access to an internet connection. If you’ve ever had to call the CRA, you know you could be on hold for a while. If wait times are long, you can opt to have the agency call you back when your turn comes up so you don’t end up sitting around on the phone.

The CRA has also laid out tips on how to identify a scammer on the other end of the phone to help people protect themselves.

How to identify a scammer

  • Caller refuses to provide proof that they work for the CRA (aka, won’t give you their name or phone number)
  • Caller uses aggressive language or pressures you to make an immediate decision
  • Caller asks for payment via pre-paid credit cards, cryptocurrency or gift cards
  • Caller asks for information that is not related to your tax return, such as your credit card number
  • Caller recommends you apply for benefits

There you have it! Stay safe out there, folks!

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