Global COVID-19 case count surpasses 100,000,000

Jan 26 2021, 10:00 pm

Since the coronavirus was identified in China in December 2019, there have been over 100 million COVID-19 cases across the globe.

According to new worldwide metrics from the World Health Organization, the grim landmark was reached on Tuesday afternoon.

As of 4:30 pm on Tuesday, global COVID-19 cases had reached 100,657,568.

At the time of writing, the USA, India, and Brazil hold the unenviable role of having the highest number of COVID-19-cases in the world at 25,952,030, 10,689,268, and 8,881,853, respectively.

COVID-19-related deaths around the world currently stand at 2,161,343 with 72,598,502 recoveries.

In Canada, 756,250 cases have been diagnosed, along with 19,376 total deaths.

Almost 70% of Canada’s cases are split between Quebec and Ontario alone. Ontario leads all provinces with 256,960, followed by Quebec’s 254,836, and Alberta’s 121,535.

Quebec has the highest death toll in the country at 9,521, followed by Ontario (5,846) and Alberta (1,574).

On Tuesday morning, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated his message from last week, discouraging international travel, saying that new measures will be announced soon.

“Canada’s borders have been closed to foreign travellers, our border measures are strict, and they’re working. Right now, a small proportion [of cases] are caused by Canadians coming back to the country. But we know every case is a case too many, this is not a time for travelling. All options are on the table, and we will be announcing new measures very soon.”

Trudeau said that residents should cancel plans to travel to the south, as the US just mandated that a negative COVID-19 test is required to fly into the states.

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