Letter from the editor: We’re in this together

Mar 19 2020, 5:40 pm

Our world has been shook, and what’s normal has completely changed. We’re wading through uncharted territories, and everything is new to all of us. 

This may be the biggest, most important story of our lifetime. So we’re treating it that way. We’re dedicating every resource we can towards bringing you coverage each and every day. We have nearly 20 full-time staff across the country who are plugged in watching every news briefing, press conference, and social feed. They’re asking every question, trying to find the answers we’re all looking for.

Our business is adapting to the changes – at a very accelerated pace. Weekly team meetings have turned daily (on video, of course), and we’ve published nearly 500 articles specifically on coronavirus over the past week.

We’re here to bring you the facts and every piece of information you need, so that you, your families, friends, neighbours, and colleagues can be safe. We’re working hard to bring you the news you need to know while navigating unfamiliar circumstances ourselves.

Everything has been overwhelming. Not just for you, but for us too. We’re seeing every story, every update, every confirmed case, every death. And I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy. We don’t know what’s coming tomorrow, we don’t know where we’ll be a week from now, and we have absolutely no clue what “normal” is.

What we do know is that when mankind is tested, we unite together; that as a community, as a society, we are stronger together.

We need to give ourselves credit – our lives have completely changed in the past week in a way they never have been before, and I’d say we’ve performed better than expected.

So when it seems impossible and there’s no hope, know that we’re all in this together. 

We’re going to be with you through it all. All we ask for is your patience, your understanding, and your strength to fight through it together.


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Farhan MohamedFarhan Mohamed

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