Potential coronavirus exposure identified on more domestic flights

Aug 28 2020, 6:57 pm

The Government of Canada has identified more flights where there was a risk of coronavirus exposure on board this week.

Those on board are advised to monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days after exposure, and get a coronavirus test if they become ill.

The most recent flight was on August 24. The government identified Flair Air’s F8711 flight from Vancouver to Edmonton for potential coronavirus exposure. Rows 12 to 18 were the closest to the coronavirus-positive individual.

Three domestic flights on August 23 were identified for coronavirus exposure. The first was Air Canada’s AC7564 flight from Toronto to Ottawa. It’s not know which rows on that one were the most at risk.

Also on August 23 was Air Canada’s AC128 flight from Vancouver to Toronto. Rows 19 to 25 on that airplane are considered at the most risk.

The third August 23 flight named for exposure was Swoop’s  WO141 flight from Hamilton to Abbotsford, BC. Rows 17 to 23 should keep a close eye on how they’re feeling.

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