Pandemic hookups: Not the time for "rapid, serial dating," says BC's top doctor

May 13 2020, 1:29 am

As the province prepares to enter phase two of its pandemic restart plan, some British Columbians are wondering if it’s finally okay to meet up with that hot date.

And while Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry understands the importance of human connection, she says we need to proceed with caution if we do plan on getting frisky.

“Those people that we have been talking to online, these are our opportunities, but we need to be very careful about it, cautious about it, and be sure that we follow the guidance around cleaning our hands, etcetera,” she said in a press conference on Tuesday.

She added that we need to find “small thoughtful ways” to connect.

“Going out to the park and sitting at a distance having picnics … those are the new romantic things people are doing,” she said.

“Let’s find those opportunities to meet each other safely, and if you happen to find somebody that you want to spend more close time with, then make it your own connections.”

Henry also stressed the importance of being aware of our own health if we choose to pursue a connection with a special someone.

“Let’s be really concerned about ourselves, and if we aren’t feeling well and under the weather, put it off for another day,” she said.

When it comes to locking lips, Henry is reminding British Columbians that “this is a respiratory virus that’s spread through droplets. So yes, we’ve seen it with other diseases that can be spread this way. So yes, I would expect if somebody is sick with [COVID-19] and they were kissing somebody else, they could quite effectively pass it on that way.”

Ultimately, if you are looking for love, Henry advises “this is not the time to do rapid, serial dating.”

“So pick somebody, see if it works and then take your time. If you’re going to be pulling them into your small circle, then make sure that you’re the only one in their circle as well.”

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