Here's how known coronavirus case rates compare throughout Canada

Apr 7 2020, 1:33 pm

As of midday, April 7, Canada has seen a total of 17,063 known coronavirus cases, according to the Government of Canada’s latest COVID-19 update.

While that total pales in comparison to some of the hardest hit countries, like the USA, Italy, China, and Spain, it fails to account for the numerous cases that may have gone unconfirmed due to those feeling ill simply staying home, or not being eligible for limited testing.

Still, it’s the most official look Canadians have to understand the virus’ trajectory in Canada, something that we’ve been keeping a close eye on for the past few weeks.

And while we have been on top of new known case totals for each of our covered provinces ever since the pandemic began, we decided to take a look at exactly how Canada’s known cases break down by province and territory.

The numbers listed include publicly reported confirmed and probably cases, according to the Government of Canada, as of April 7.


As seen in the map above, Quebec has been nearly as hard hit as the rest of the country combined.



Known cases: 8,580
Deaths: 121

Quebec saw a large increase in cases beginning March 22, and while it may contain around half of Canada’s known total of cases, it has only the second-most for coronavirus-related deaths.



Known cases: 4,726
Deaths: 153

Ontario has seen the most fatalities as a result of the ongoing pandemic of any Canadian province, seeing a large spike in known cases on March 29.



Known cases: 1,348
Deaths: 24

Alberta’s cases numbers have been steadily rising throughout the end of March and start of April, though has seen less deaths than BC.



Known cases: 1,266
Deaths: 39

After a sharp upwards trajectory in the middle of March — being the first Canadian province to see dozens of confirmed cases — BC has actually seen a slight decrease in the amount of new cases per day.

Nova Scotia


Known cases: 310
Deaths: 1

Nova Scotia has been hit far harder than its maritime neighbours, though has only seen one death as a result of the over 300 confirmed cases.



Known cases: 253
Deaths: 3

Saskatchewan has seen a steady increase in confirmed cases since March 15, though without an international airport remaining open to incoming travellers, has managed to see significantly fewer cases than Alberta.

Newfoundland and Labrador


Known cases: 226
Deaths: 2

Newfoundland and Labrador have also seen a steady increase in cases, though a total of just two deaths.



Known cases: 204
Deaths: 2

Manitoba’s cases spiked on March 29, and has also seen two deaths as a result of the coronavirus.

New Brunswick


Known cases: 103
Deaths: 0

New Brunswick has seen zero deaths so far and has been hit relatively softer its neighbours.

Prince Edward Island


Known cases: 22
Deaths: 0

Only 22 cases have been confirmed in PEI, which has a population of just 157,000.

Yukon Territories


Known cases: 7
Deaths: 0

Of Canada’s territories, the Yukon has seen the most cases, though only a total of seven.

Northwest Territories


Known cases: 5
Deaths: 0

The Northwest Territories have seen just five cases of coronavirus so far.


Known cases: 0
Deaths: 0

Nunavut is the only region of Canada that has yet to see any confirmed or probable cases of the coronavirus.

Repatriated travellers

Known total: 13

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