It's now a whole lot easier to learn the ropes for your managerial position

Nov 16 2016, 2:40 am

We all want to get promoted – until we realize we’re unprepared for our new position.

People are often promoted to managers without getting the training they need to do the job right. They’re left to manage without any guidance on how to do it well, and can make mistakes that hinder the company.

“People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers,” says Matt Corker, one half of the brother-sister duo behind Corker Co, “so underinvesting in one of the most critical roles in your company is just poor practice.”

That’s why Corker Co has put together The Manager Start Line, an online manager training program.

The program is a joint project between the local consulting business and the elearning development company Learnkit, and is designed to give new managers tangible skills they can put into practice right away.

The Manager Start Line is divided into three distinct modules: Managing Yourself, Managing Your Team, Driving Organizational Results.

Managing Yourself focuses on how you can take better care of yourself. If you aren’t able to manage your own time and resources, you certainly won’t be able to manage others. Corker Co says this is the most overlooked stumbling block in becoming an effective manager.

Managing Your Team delves into the traditional duties of a manager. It teaches you how to balance multiple goals and priorities, while expressing expectations and dealing with uncomfortable situations.

The final module, Driving Organizational Results, has a company-wide perspective. It focuses on how managers can help the company reach their business goals, such as year end sales quotas, quarterly growth, or other bottom-line successes.

The online program can be started at any time, and lets you go at your own pace.

“Companies can’t put off developing their managers any longer,” Corker says. “We must invest in our leaders of people today if we want to be proud of the next generation of leaders both in our work and in our community.”

Registration for The Manager Start Line has already started, and the program will go live by the end of November.

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