Cool offices in Vancouver: Inside the dream headquarters of Eventbase (PHOTOS)

Nov 18 2016, 6:48 am

An open office with personality makes your employees not only want to show up, but stay, too.

At least that’s what Ben West, co-founder of Eventbase Technology, has to say about making his employees happy. Eventbase is a leading mobile technology platform for premium events with an office located not only in Vancouver, but in London, UK, too. They’re recognized by global brands for their Tier 1 conferences. Clients include HPE, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Cannes Lions, SXSW, and much more.

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“Despite moving to a building with multiple floors the teams are spending more time physically co-located with one another in the many neighbourhoods,” says West about moving into the new space.

“We can presume that if people have set up shop in these spaces that it’s because it feels right for their mood and the task at hand. Conversely, you can presume that their regular desk was not the best environ for that moment in time.”

Company: Eventbase Technology
Employees: 120
Designer: Margot West, Keate and Co. Designers 
Size: 15,000 square feet, 3 floors
Location: 1280 Homer Street

In this office there will always be a dog to pet, you can order your own coffee from the in-house barista, chill out in a hidden pirate-inspired room, take a nap in a nook, work on your Mac in a tent, enjoy a rustic chair on a make-believe porch, and visit your colleagues seamlessly thanks to an open neighbourhood layout.







Eventbase has an on-staff barista to keep the team energized. The team even built an app so they can order their favourite beverage from their desk or while they’re walking to work. That way it’s ready for them when they arrive to the cafe. 


Office dog/Eventbase




The big stairs/Eventbase

Giant stairs act as bleachers during large gatherings but also make for great spots to perch with your laptop throughout the day. They also provide access to the cozy elevated nooks so staff can type away on their computers and even have a nap if needed. 

Big space

Big space/Eventbase




Call booths/Eventbase





Eventbase has a hidden “Goonies” themed meeting room complete with plush versions of Chunk and Sloth and pirate-cave lighting. 


Sittin’ porch/Eventbase


Meeting room/Eventbase

Tour around the Eventbase office and you’ll witness the relaxed atmosphere. The barista prepares espresso in the cafe, an employee is laying on the floor while typing on her Mac, and dogs roam between the different floors.

Spaces vary in size, texture, and lighting. Some employees opt to collaborate with others while others choose to curl up with their computer in a smaller space. The old Eventbase office, across the street from their current HQ, had people waiting for rooms – a barrier to getting their work done. And thanks to the new design, this isn’t the case anymore.

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