Conservatives release campaign slogan on same day as Liberals (VIDEO)

Aug 26 2019, 5:26 pm

On the same day the Liberals unveiled a new campaign slogan for this fall’s federal election, the Conservative Party has also unveiled a campaign slogan of its own during its own new election spot.

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In the 30-second video, party leader Andrew Scheer says his plan for Canadians is to lower the cost of living and “leave more money in your pockets.”

Scheer said he believes that Canadians are frustrated “because they’re working so hard, and they’re following all the rules, but they fell like they’re falling further and further behind, or they’re barely getting by.”

In response, Scheer says he “has a plan to lower the cost of living, to make life more affordable, and to leave more money in the pockets of Canadians.”

Scheer doesn’t go into any detail as to what his plan actually entails, but unveils the party’s slogan instead: “It’s time for you to get ahead.”

The full video is below:

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