Conservative MP compares Bill C-51 to work of Jesus Christ

Dec 20 2017, 12:16 am

Conservative MP Wai Young has inspired the hashtag #CPCJesus on Twitter after she compared the work of the Canadian government to Jesus Christ’s in a June 29 speech to the Harvest City Church congregation.

“I want to share with you what I think our government is doing in the same vein. Jesus served and acted to always do the right thing, not the most popular thing,” Young said of the recently-passed Bill C-51.

Bill C-51 has been heavily debated and discussed. Some ague that it restricts several rights. It’s currently being discussed by the UN.

Young postulated that if Bill C-51 has been in place 30 years ago, the Air India attacks would have never happened.

“I do not read the newspapers anymore because most of the facts in there are not factual,” she admits.

Young also discusses Bill C-24, which is sometimes refereed to as the second-class citizen act. If you are a dual citizen, this new law allows the government to strip your Canadian citizenship if you are found guilty of terrorism, high treason and several other serious offenses.

“I think that yeah, if you’re going to become a citizen here and do a terrorist act here in Canada, you should be stripped of your citizenship. Amen to that, right?” Young tells the congregation.

She has some hash words about journalists as well: “Journalists all think they’re columnists. They all think that they have their slant or their way or their tweak to say what they want to say…they no longer present the facts.”

Young goes on to explain that it’s okay as long as journalists admit they are columnists and confess to having a bias.

Here are some responses from the Twittersphere:

It all began on June 29…

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