Condo Life 101: Soundproofing

May 24 2018, 2:45 am

As our cities get busier, we keep moving closer together. And condo life has us packing a lot more life into every square foot. This means that we are living closer to our (often loud) neighbours.

Recall this video?

Not to worry! Your home can become the quiet oasis you need with the help of a few soundproofing tricks that will make your space feel as though you have no neighbours at all.

Your walls are your canvas

Let’s start with the obvious, covering wall surfaces with plush materials is the first step in creating a space with that extra bit of acoustical privacy you need. Now while you can simply add a hanging tapestry, we recommend something a bit more heavy duty. Wall panels these days are trendy and easy to install.

These wall panels are from a company called Stone Designs. The colour and layout of the felt pieces are completely adaptable, allowing you to create your own work functional piece of art anywhere in your home.



Felt Curtains / Amazon

Felt Curtains / Amazon

Block out the light and noise

Why not do yourself a favour and get yourself a set of felt blinds? Not only are they soft to the touch, but they also block out a considerable amount of light and noise. Their natural sound-proofing qualities are the perfect solution to create a space that feels like it’s just yours, all the while being right on trend. These blinds, also from Amazon, come in a range of colours so you are sure to find some that match the decor of your home.

Soft Wall by B Italia. good for organization. possibly next to wait area to create separation.

Soft Wall Bookcase / B&B Italia 

Bounce the noise around

Sound is transmitted less when it has to bounce around the space before getting to your ears. To deflect as much sound as possible, try adding a plush divider around areas that you would want to be a bit quieter, such as your living room and bedroom. This one from B&B Italia is an interesting option as it also doubles as a display case and bookshelf.

Eco Plush 3/8" Rug Pads for Laminate Floors

Felt Rug Pad / Rug Pad USA

Do your part

A rug pad under a carpet will not only add softness, it will add an acoustical layer between you and the neighbour beneath you. Sound transmitted through the floor is one of the most disruptive types of sound when living in an apartment or other shared space, so having a rug pad helps both you and your neighbour enjoy each others presence in peace.

The addition of a variety of plush surfaces allows any space to be easily transformed into a quiet zone or gives you the ability to be a bit louder. These additions don’t require any major changes and are all easy to install, ensuring that your home can be as quiet as you want it ASAP.


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