Concrete Hero 2013 - Benefiting BC Cancer Foundation

Dec 19 2017, 3:38 pm

Concrete Hero is a powerful movement — an ultimate urban obstacle challenge whose main obstacle is finding new and effective ways to treat cancer, and it’s coming to Vancouver this September 2013. Filled with hope and optimism, thousands Heroes will join together to raise awareness and act as ambassadors of this movement. Participants dive, run, leap, climb and do whatever else is needed to raise funds in support of life-saving cancer research and enhancements to patient care. Here are some of the examples of the fundraising dollars at work with the BC Cancer Foundation.

BC Cancer Foundation

Concrete Hero is unique because it supports the BC Cancer Foundation and the groundbreaking research at the BC Cancer Agency. The potential for Concrete Hero dollars to change the cancer landscape in B.C. and beyond is limitless. You’re funding research that is focused on advancing the understanding of cancer which translates to better outcomes for people diagnosed with cancer today and tomorrow. For every ounce of energy you exert, there is a research initiative that will move forward in the hope to uncover new, more effective treatments for cancer.

BC Cancer Foundation

Dollars at work

Here are just a few of the BC Cancer Agency research projects that the BC Cancer Foundation is funding, many supported by Concrete Hero participants.

Personalized Onco-Genomics

A new initiative by the BC Cancer Agency is bridging the gap between knowledge and application by bringing the promise of personalized medicine from the research laboratory into the clinic. Concrete Heroes will help Agency researchers take a great leap forward, which means that many patients may have a better chance at long-term survival and healthy, active lives after treatment.

Innovation Support Fund

The BC Cancer Foundation’s Milan & Maureen Ilich Innovation Support Fund ensures that researchers at the BC Cancer Agency have the tools they need to move cutting-edge research forward. Small equipment is vital to all areas of research. Your support of the BC Cancer Foundation ensures that researchers have the equipment and technology required to better identify women at risk of breast cancer through an innovative breast density study. And, through this support, cutting-edge research into circulating tumour cells moves forward, with the potential to radically change the way patients are diagnosed and monitored throughout their cancer journey.

Immunotherapy Research: Working to Clinical Trials

The BC Cancer Agency is a few steps away from bringing personalized immunotherapy vaccines to the clinic. Dr. Brad Nelson and other immunotherapy experts around the world have shown that the immune system can recognize cancer cells as “foreign” and launch an attack. There is now irrefutable evidence that patients who mount a strong immune response against their cancer live longer. With your support, we can help move this concept forward into a Phase 1 clinical trial.

Concrete Hero Vancouver 2013

There’s still time left to register as a Concrete Hero, train throughout the summer and tackle the crazy obstacles that will be thrown your way.

When: September 29, 2013

Where: Strathcona Park, Vancouver, BC

Register: or call 604-488-HERO (4376)


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