This company toured Canada in search of the biggest avocado lovers

Sep 25 2020, 5:00 pm

Avocados are uniquely delicious and versatile. Name another fruit that can go from tasty corn chip dip to creamy toast spread, mayo substitute, and salad-rescuer.

Millennials, in particular, have been accused of loving this exotic fruit a little too much — but who can blame them? Avocados, specifically Avocados From Mexico, are both indulgent and packed with naturally good fats. Not to mention their unparalleled texture and ability to elevate just about any dish (even desserts).

RĂ©mi Charpentier of Montreal/Avocados From Mexico

This summer, Avocados From Mexico toured the country from coast to coast in search of the biggest “Avolovers” in Canada. Hundreds of avocado-enthusiasts nationwide submitted their nominations, making a case for why they thought they deserved the coveted title.

Ultimately, five winners were selected and got the opportunity to share their avo-loving story with the world. To aid in the creation of these fruitful narratives, the “avo-mobile” travelled from the Pacific to the Atlantic to meet and film the biggest avo-aficionados around.

Brenda Deziel of Vancouver/Avocados From Mexico

The outcome is a hilariously heartwarming “mockumentary” video series profiling each of the winners. As you can imagine, the Avolovers take multiple forms — from a sporty, urban millennial in Quebec, to a full-time nurse and mother in Ottawa, a teacher and amateur chef from Toronto, a curious and active West Coaster, and a best friend duo from Quebec who are as iconic as avocado and toast.

Each documentary-style episode chronicles the winners in their daily lives to better grasp their personalities and the evolution of their passion for avocados. Viewers can expect tons of drool-worthy recipes, personal anecdotes, and heartening experiences of gathering with family and friends over good food.

Isabelle and Karine of Port-Cartier/Avocados From Mexico

This moving series might get you reflecting on the role of avocados in your own life and cooking. Can you recall when you had your first avocado and what your reaction was? How has it impacted your lifestyle, cooking, and health? These are some of the surprising questions you might find yourself asking as you tune in to each episode.

Starting on September 24, episodes from the series will be airing every Thursday on Avocados From Mexico’s Instagram IGTV and Facebook page for five weeks.

Annerie Ta of Markham/Avocados From Mexico

Some things you can expect to learn along the way are how to master the perfect technique for making guacamole and ideal salad combinations. You’re also sure to add some new and unexpected recipes to your repertoire, like avo-infused pasta sauce and creamy avo-cupcake frosting.

Above all, you’ll definitely learn how the foods you love can empower you to live a better, tastier, and healthier life. It’s inspiring to see how something like an avocado can motivate other people to share their love of cooking with friends, renew their passion for food, and drive them to live their best lives.

Jessica McDougall of Ottawa/Avocados From Mexico

If you don’t already, be sure to follow Avocados From Mexico on Instagram for tips on how to up your #TacoTuesday game, take your avocado toast to the next level, and, of course, tune in to the series airing from September 24 to October 22.

Or, if you want to get started right away, check out the first episode below.


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