These compact appliances will make your small space feel like a home

Nov 4 2020, 4:20 pm

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a big home to have a super functional space. As many living in metropolitan hubs already know, getting creative can go a long way when it comes to chic, small-space living.

German-engineered Blomberg has been doing just that with appliances for the past 130 years, and they’re bringing their host of compact options to Vancouver’s urban condo, apartment, laneway, and townhouse dwellers through a partnership with Trail Appliances.

As appliance design moves forward, we’ve realized that you don’t have to steal from one feature to make gains in another.

These aren’t appliances that have been shrunken down and made to retrofit smaller spaces either. Blomberg appliances are designed from the ground up and engineered for this footprint. From ranges, to ovens, fridges, and dishwashers, you can have it all including the bells and whistles — just in a size that fits naturally into your space.

To get you excited about how these appliances could transform your space, here are five options from Blomberg that deliver compact without compromise.

Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

This kitchen counterpart is efficiently designed to give you the space you need without eating into that precious counter space. Counter-depth means it doesn’t stick out in any kitchen and you’re never going to lose track of what you’re storing in the back.

There’s a chrome-coated wine rack and bottle holder in select models (so you’ve always got a bottle chilled for impromptu dinners with friends). The NoFrost feature keeps food fresher for longer by eliminating ice and bacteria build-up, and its photocatalyst carbon filter eliminates bacteria, reduces fridge odours, and ensures hygiene — plus, this filter can be reactivated just by leaving it near a window in the sunlight.

24-inch Gas Cooktop

Yes, apartment dweller, you can have the powerful, flame-tickling gas cooktop of your Top Chef dreams (as long as there’s a gas hook up in your place). It has four sealed power burners, a gas safety device (that automatically cuts the gas supply if the flame goes out), and 15,000 BTU for power and high heat. Plus, it simmers, features cast iron pan supports, and has an integrated ignition. If this cooktop could growl at you like a tiger, it would.

24-inch Single Wall Oven with Convection

Hello, bells and whistles! This 24-inch wall oven gives you everything you need with inches to spare. Modern styling with some colour blocking black-on-stainless-steel action combines with a user-optimized display and program features. Plus, there are options that incorporate both the cooktop and oven, with the ability to select between gas or electric.

It also has True European Convection, which is an advanced heating system surrounding the fan at the back of the oven for a 3D cooking effect. Your sheet pan dinner is cooked evenly throughout, and it helps you tackle those big birds and roast beasts, cooking them all the way through to perfection.

Looking for the best of both worlds? There’s also a 24-inch range that incorporates both the cooktop and oven and comes in both gas and electric.

Stackable Heat Pump Dryer

Blomberg was one of the first to bring this technology to market. Heat pump-style dryers are perfect for apartments and condos because they’re designed with closed-loop heat that dries at lower temperatures. This means they don’t need to vent the heat out through to the outside and can be placed anywhere within your apartment.

Plus, the lower temps mean saving energy (and dollars on the hydro bill). And just because it’s a compact stackable dryer (clocking in at a lean 23.4 inches wide), Blomberg doesn’t skimp on features. You’ll see things like LED interior lighting, sleek European styling, 16 cycle programs, and a smart-looking digital display.

Stackable Front Load Steam Washer

Well, what do you know, it’s the chic stackable washer to match. The slim profile gives you more options and space for other things in your life. It’s a user-friendly setup: ergonomically designed, fully LCD, and with digital controls that make it functional yet elegant and simple.

A speedy Quick Wash cycle means you can keep those yoga leggings fresh. Need to look professional (from the top up at least) for today’s Zoom meeting? The AntiCrease function uses steam to prevent wrinkles by tumbling clean clothes after a cycle has finished.

Who said living in a smaller space means compromising on the features that make life just that much easier? Blomberg and Trail Appliances are making it possible to have compact and fully loaded, efficient and advanced tech, all with the styling of an international sports car (but without the high price tag).

With current promotions on qualifying Blomberg products, you can receive anywhere up to a $500 mail-in rebate.

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