Taste test these bubble teas and juices packed with super fresh ingredients

Jun 20 2016, 7:06 pm

If you’re looking to get your hands on some fresh bubble teas and juices, then CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is worth paying a visit.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has earned itself a global reputation for its stellar beverages built on the concept of using high quality ingredients. Known globally by loyal fans,  They offer not traditional bubble teas but tons of healthy options – black tea, green tea, fresh fruits teas, and more.

The shop’s focus on using fresh fruits and more stems from its interesting history, beginning in 1997.  Co-Founder Tommy Hung noticed a declining trend in traditional tea growing and trading. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice soon after launched in its first storefront, located close to the bustling city of Taipei. Since their beginning, the company has consistently stuck with its mandate of making bubble tea and juice with fresh seasonal ingredients.

Check out these different bubble teas and juices you can find at CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice and drop into 3275 Kingsway or 609 West Pender to try them for yourself.

Fresh Tea

Zesty and super cold, these options are perfect for chilling out.

The passion fruit green tea contains rich vitamin C with a zesty kick. Try the bubble gaga and taste its yummy coconut jelly and chewy tapioca blend. Try the refreshing passion fruit green tea to add a little lift to your day.

Milk Tea

Carefully cooked fine red beans made in matcha milk tea. 3 Guys contains delicious pudding, chewy tapioca, and soft grass jelly for the perfect milk tea mixture.

This one comes highly recommended as CoCo’s original, bubble tea. The aromatic smell of the sago taro milk tea will also have you drooling. 

Fresh Tea and Yakult

Citrus infused beverages with a fresh and tangy lemon flavour you won’t find anywhere else. The lemon yakult infuses yakult with lemon for a smooth, cold taste.

Slush & Smoothie

Fresh and fruity ingredients combine ice cold slush and countless flavour options.

Check out the new CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice location downtown at 609 West Pender.

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