6 reasons for eating organic in 2017

Dec 31 2016, 12:16 am

It’s time to bring organic back.

Food trends like the gluten-free diet, smoothie bowls, no-sugar desserts, and kombucha captured our attention in 2016 and drove us to make more elaborate and unusual meals.

But trends like these focus on the outcome of the ingredients – not on the ingredients themselves. We need to start thinking about the foods that go into our meals, and where they come from.

Organic producers guarantee the food you’re putting into your body is the best it can be – and that’s honestly the only food trend you need in 2017. To prove it, we’ve collected six reasons why you should skip the diet fads and focus on eating organic this year.

You’ll get more nutrients



Just because you’re eating fruits and veggies doesn’t mean you’re getting all the nutrients you should. Organically grown food often has higher concentrations of essential vitamins and nutrients according to several studies, meaning you’ll be able to get more of the things you need to stay healthy with every bite. The produce is able to get all these extra nutrients because the soil is managed with sustainable practices, making it a happier place for the plants to be.

You’ll give animals happier lives

It may seem silly, but those of us who eat meat still care about the lives of the animals we’re eating. When animals are organically-raised, they have better living conditions. Farmed spring salmon, such as those purchased by Coastwise Processors, are raised in spacious enclosures to minimize stress and disease, and mimic their natural habitat as much as possible. They’re also harvested humanely, so they go to our plates as happy fish.

You’ll eat fewer antibiotics and hormones

Organic food doesn’t include just fruits and veggies – there are major benefits from choosing organic meats, fish, and dairy products. Farming beef cattle, for example, takes a lot of resources, and farmers often want to help speed up the growth of the animals they’re raising. To do that, they often use synthetic growth hormones which increases the lean tissue growth, but is also eaten by us on the other side. Animals are also given frequent antibiotics, which makes its way to our plates as well.

You’ll skip the chemicals

There’s no need to eat chemicals with your fruit. Organic produce is farmed without the use of pesticides, so you won’t be adding to your yearly intake of chemicals when you eat an organic apple or organic bell pepper. And that’s a really good thing when you think about the hundreds of different chemicals that are available for pesticide, insecticide and fungicide use.

You’ll help the planet



With the lack of chemicals and increase in nutrients, eating organic is just common sense for your health. But making organic eating your new year’s resolution will also do some good for the planet. Because they don’t use pesticides, organic farms don’t pollute water systems with chemical runoff. Because they use sustainable farming practices, the soil isn’t leached of nutrients. It keeps the balance between humans and nature, which is something we should all strive for.

It’s simple to do

The best part about eating organic? It isn’t hard to do. Certified organic meats, fish, and produce are available at almost every grocery store – and because they’re certified, they’ll all be labelled.

Coastwise Processors, the only certified organic cannery in Canada, has just introduced organic canned salmon. The fish is packed from skinless, boneless organic salmon fillets and a pinch of sea salt so you can eat organic salmon without any of the hassle. Plus, these cans of organic salmon are available at Choices Markets across the province, and soon to be available at more of your favourite specialty grocery stores, so it will be easy to pick up a can or 20.

With so many good reasons to go organic, and such simple ways to make it happen, why not make it your new year’s resolution? Your body and the planet will thank you for it.

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