How to pull off the viral "Coastal Grandma" style trend people are living for

Apr 21 2022, 7:33 pm

TikTok has done it again and made waves on a new trend being coined as “Coastal Grandmother.”

To give credit where credit is due, TikTok creator, @lexnicoleta, has started a handbook on how to achieve the Coastal Grandmother look. 

So what exactly is Coastal G’ma?  Well, think Beth Rubino movie set design (It’s Complicated, Home Again), mixed with some Hamptons aesthetics, and a Diane Keaton wardrobe.

That’s right — white bucket hat on a beach.

What’s not to love?

There’s a lot that seems to fall under the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, but as a home designer, I want to focus on the to-die-for home styles and how exactly you can achieve them.

Read on for my tips on how to bring the Coastal Grandmother style home!


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Let’s talk texture

Coastal Grandmother Entry

Kendall Ansell

When I think of a Nancy Meyers movie or Coastal Grandmother, I think natural woods, textures, and welcoming features in a home. Details like an all wood coffee table, a chunky knit throw blanket, and exposed wood paneling, really make that cozy grandmother feel. I think the key with this home style is really thinking about how the space will feel to both you and your guests – grandmothers know how to keep visitors cozy!

Coastal Grandmother Living Room


To slowly move towards this home style, I recommend incorporating some wood decor or even some wicker chairs to start bringing in those natural textures that give cozy while also being near the beach – hence “coastal”.

Blend some antiques into the mix

While this trend is not for grandmothers, and grandmothers alone, what better way to say “coastal grandmother” than having some antiques? Small details with gold finishes, or ornate ceramics, will really sell this look and make the home feel like every detail is considered. Check out your local thrift store and antique shops and I’m sure you’ll come home with something!

Coastal Grandmother Bathroom

Kendall Ansell

Play with patterns

When I think of a coastal grandmother home, pattern is something that is pretty consistent across the board! I think the trick with this style is finding that super fine line between too much pattern and personality. Floral patterns are a classic move for this, but go for smaller more detailed blooms so not to feel too overwhelming in the space. Add your pattern into details like throw pillows, if you’re bold maybe some curtains, or even some art pieces to hang on your wall.

Coastal Grandmother Pattern

Kendall Ansell

Feeling fresh 

This aesthetic is all in the details – giving off the sense that the homeowner is thoughtful and loves to take care of their space. Adding vases to the centre of tables with fresh flowers is a super easy way to freshen up your room. If this is a little bit out of your budget, look into some plants that you can nurture and still add that freshness. Another hack I love is using dried bouquets – they last forever but still give the room that sense of nature!

Coastal Grandmother Dining

Mark Mccammon

I can’t wait to see how you choose to become your true coastal grandmother self! 

Kendall AnsellKendall Ansell

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