CLUG The Clip That Gives Your Bike A Hug

Dec 19 2017, 10:41 am

“Clug” by Vancouver-based designers Hurdler Studios is a minimalistic bicycle storage solution that was designed using current ProdUX design and rapid prototyping methodologies resulting in a clean and contemporary wall-mounted clip.

Created and developed on the principle that good design should be accessible, Clug is designed to bring new options to the urban dweller’s bicycle storage.

The challenge, designer Jon Winebrenner explains, “was to create something new to perform the storage task efficiently, while offering surprise and delight. As with so many others who live in Vancouver, cycling is an essential part of my life, and storage is crucial when it comes to maximizing the use of space in a small apartment or house.”

“Our team has used many different storage solutions but we felt some things could be improved. We think that giving more people access to usable bike storage is a small but important step in reducing hurdles preventing people from ditching their cars in favour of bikes”.


The Hurdler team has been using Clug for several months to ensure that the clips are robust enough to keep your bike secure even after incorporating some extra weight hanging from the handle bars (e.g. a helmet).

Hurdler is pursuing online sales channels as well as embracing a new digital sales model where one can purchase Clug’s 3D printer-ready digital files that can be used to print on a 3D printer similar to the Makerbot Replicator 2 (the 3D printer Hurdler used to design Clug).


The Clug system encases two screws concealed within a very robust push-fit cover that mounts to a wall or other surface at the correct height, holding the bike upright and secure without damaging the bike frame or rims.

The plastic body comes in a variety of colours and can be easily installed in minutes out of the box and onto any surface. Clug integrates style and technology, while offering urban bikers a new storage solution. The project is currently seeking funding through kickstarter.