Cloud Nine Education gaining global recognition with newly acquired tech

Mar 4 2021, 1:00 pm

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What is crypto mining and how do you do it? And with the world seeming to chase the actual coin, how many people are exploring the ability to create their own? 

This is what Cloud Nine Education Group Ltd. (CSE: CNI), (OTC:CLGUF) set out to not only answer, but provide the tool to do so.

Vancouver Tech Startup Cloud Nine Education is recognized for its cloud-based learning software that over the years, has gained global recognition. 

The company recently acquired mining software from Limitless Technologies Blockchain Solutions. Now combined with its industry leading education platform Cloud Nine allows users to learn about crypto currencies, blockchain, and mining. Users can then begin to partner with Cloud Nine to mine their own currencies from their personal computers. 

Each program is designed to give consumers the ability to manage cryptocurrencies, requiring zero expertise. As a result, the everyday user can enjoy multiple benefits of mining cryptocurrencies.

Cloud Nine Education believes that great digital wallets aren’t simply crypto-powered trends, but rather, a necessity. Within 2021, the company expects to benefit from an increase in demand for crypto which has already triggered an increased demand for its products. 

The digital  ecosystem advantage is a pillar of Cloud Nine Education’s recently acquired software. As an application in many of today’s most influential technologies, information is not only increasingly accessible, but easier to use. 

This is the case in Cloud Nine Education’s software as its infrastructure requires only an internet connection and computer. Ultimately, it facilitates a plug and play method for users to mine their favourite cryptocurrencies which are then immediately safely stored in their in-app digital wallet.

Through this approach Cloud Nine is set to bring education and mining to the masses.  

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