The top 7 places that are perfect for wearing glasses in Vancouver

Jun 22 2017, 8:47 pm

Summer in Vancouver is the best.

Even before it started, you could feel the wind rustling through your hair while cruising across the ocean in a boat. You imagined all the places you’d go, watching the bright orange sunset with your friends. In Vancouver, you can do anything.

Your only problem?

You want to do it in style but you feel like you’re missing something. And then it hits you – it’s a killer pair of glasses. Without them, your outfits won’t be complete.

And that’s because they’re timeless and they never go out of style. Plus, anyone can get them, perfect eyesight or not. You don’t even have to spend a fortune to get retro square frames, wider Betty Davis-style ones, or a classic smaller frame. And that’s because Canada’s largest online optical retailer, Clearly, is running a Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer site-wide on all of their eyeglasses until the end of July.

To celebrate this amazing offer, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven places in Vancouver that are perfect for wearing your glasses.

Pulpfiction bookstores

Search for something fresh to read as you browse through colourful aisles filled with brand new, used, and even vintage books. There are Pulpfiction bookstores located in East Vancouver on Main Street, Commercial Drive, and West Broadway. If there’s one place where you want to wear glasses, this is definitely it.

Contemporary Art Gallery

Visit the Contemporary Art Gallery on Nelson Street to see some incredible exhibitions – for free. The public gallery is a non-profit focused on contemporary visual art, exhibitions, research and more, so you never know what you might see. You can wear your oval-shaped glasses to vibe with the abstract art that surrounds you.

Smart Mouth Cafe

Order a latte and sit out on the patio at Smart Mouth Cafe as you watch people walk by on Water Street. You’re waiting for your date to arrive so you put your new glasses on as the perfect conversation starter.

The Narrow Lounge

The Narrow Lounge is a hidden gem on Main Street – and it’s difficult to find. So go with the flow and get ready to embark on your journey with a fresh pair of glasses on your face. You’ll definitely want to wear something super quirky to match this off-the-beaten-track cocktail bar. When you get there, reward yourself with a drink and glance at the cute guy beside you with an ever inquisitive look.

Cafe Deux Soleils – Poetry slam

It might be something you’ve never considered before, but you can easily attend a poetry slam at Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive. The event takes place every Monday and it’s packed with poetic wordsmiths. You can share your own work if you feel like it, and adding some chunky glasses gives you the classic writer’s look.

Old theatre


Take a break from mainstream movie theatres and see a film showing at one of the city’s retro theatres. You can check out one-time showings and documentaries at the Park Theatre on Cambie Street or the Rio Theatre on Commercial Drive. Naturally, you’ll want to bring some glasses, so try some thick frames for that old-school look.

Thrift shopping

Vancouver is home to some amazing vintage stores and you can find some truly original pieces when browsing through the aisles at Duchesse Vintage on Columbia Street, Mintage on Commercial Drive, or at Woo Vintage on Main Street. This is the perfect place for wearing your glasses so you can match them with all your favourite vintage finds.

Vancouver is home to countless places that are guaranteed to vibe with your glasses – now all you have to do is buy some new frames.

Luckily, Clearly has tons of them as Canada’s largest online optical retailer, so you’ll be able to find something trendy – perfect eyesight or not. And this year they’re doing a special Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

If you’re travelling this summer, you can simply order your glasses online anywhere in the world and have them waiting for you when you get home. It’s that easy.

To see all of the designer and standard frames you can purchase through Clearly, check out them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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