3 things that prevent Canadians from getting eyewear, and some solutions

Dec 8 2022, 8:30 pm

You read that right (hopefully). Canadians are having more trouble accessing proper eye care.

According to a report by the Canadian Council of the Blind, over 50% of the Canadian population does not have access to the eye care they need. While getting proper treatment might seem like an easy solution, there are still plenty of roadblocks for Canadians when it comes to getting their eyes checked — and finances are a core part of this.

To help alleviate these roadblocks, Clearly, the online eyewear retailer with stores across Canada has started offering online direct billing to help ease the common pressure of needing to pay for prescription eyewear upfront.

Here are some of the barriers Canadians face when it comes to getting proper eyewear, and how Clearly has stepped in to help.

It can be expensive

Currently, more than half (53%) of Canadians say they are $200 or less away from being unable to pay their monthly bills, according to the MNP Consumer Debt Index. With the average pair of glasses across Canada reportedly costing between $240 to $1,000, many might lean away from accessing preventative eyecare, which can cause damage down the road.

Luckily, online retailers like Clearly offer discounted frames to provide you with affordable options. With frames, lenses, and complete glasses available for as low as $9, you’re able to shop a wide range of styles to get prescription glasses that provide the vision correction you need, and also fit your personality.

Claiming insurance benefits can be confusing

While cost is still a roadblock when it comes to getting proper eyecare, over 76% of Canadians (29 million) have access to extended health benefits, according to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association. This is great at bringing some of the personal costs down, but people are often confused about how to use their benefits to their fullest potential.

A recent study commissioned by Clearly at Maru Public Opinion shows that approximately 1 in 8 individuals don’t know how to process their insurance claims or find the process too complicated, and that’s their reason for not claiming their benefits.

​​Clearly is now the first eyewear retailer to offer direct billing online to help streamline the insurance process in an easy, intuitive, and convenient way. They’re able to easily accept payments at checkout from over 25 insurance providers, including Canada Life, Desjardins, and Blue Cross.

Not everyone can pay out-of-pocket

Even if you know how to file a claim and get reimbursed, direct billing hasn’t existed in the online eyewear market until now. That means you may have had to pay upfront — potentially stretching your budget — and wait weeks to get reimbursed for your claim.

Clearly’s online direct billing service allows you to use your vision insurance benefits right at the checkout, which eliminates the need to pay out of pocket for eyewear.

With this new system, Canadians won’t have to choose between the convenience of shopping online or accessing direct billing through a physical retailer, as you’ll be able to process insurance claims at Clearly.ca.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of direct billing, visit Clearly’s website.

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