City of Vancouver staff made over a half-billion in combined salary last year

Mar 24 2022, 7:22 pm

If you’ve ever wondered how much the mayor of Vancouver, a City of Vancouver councillor, a park board commissioner, or just a member of City staff earns annually, a recent financial report has all the answers.

It’s also interesting to see how much more the City of Vancouver is paying out in staff salaries as the years go by, which is a result of more employees as well as pay increases.

In 2021, the mayor and councillors made a combined $1,155,987, with just under $1 million in total expenses.

Mayor Stewart made $178,473 last year, with $781,543 in discretionary expenses, $9,615 for travel and conferences, and $23,276 in local expenses. Sarah Kirby-Yung is Vancouver’s highest-paid councillor, having earned $103,216 last year, followed by Adrianne Carr, who made $102,998. Everyone else fell below $100,000, with Jean Swanson on the low end, making $89,886.

The highest paid member of City staff is City Manager Paul Mochrie, who made $332,616 last year. Other members of the City leadership team are in the same ballpark.

General Manager of Real Estate and Facilities Management Nick Kassam made about $327,000 last year, putting him just under Mochrie as the second-highest paid member of City staff.

Patrice Impey, CFO and General Manager of Finance, Risk, and Supply Chain Management, earned $303,000 last year, Legal Services and City Solicitor Francie Connell earned slightly more than $300,000, and General Manager of Arts, Culture, and Community Services Sandra Singh earned slightly less than $300,000, putting them among the top five or six highest paid city employees.

As much flack as Vancouver Park Board commissioners seem to get online, they don’t make a ton of money for their roles. All commissioners made $17,995, with the exception of Camille Dumont, who made just over $22,000 as Vancouver Park Board Chair. Donnie Rosa, who is the general manager of the park board, made over $274,000.

Vancouver’s fire chief, Karen Fry, made over $238,000.

Expenses for all staff totalled over $1.3 million.

The full list, which doesn’t include staff that is paid under $75,000, can be found here

Massive increase in pay over last decade

Urbanized reported on the amount of growth City pay has seen since 2011.

In 2011, there were about 1,770 people who were paid over $75,000. In 2020, that number jumped to over 3,000 people.

It’s just as big a jump when looking at staff who are paid over $100,000. In 2010, there were approximately 450 people paid above that number. In 2020, that number grew to over 1,400 people.

Total annual employee remuneration also increased.

In 2011, total employee remuneration was $399 million. In 2020, that number increased to $531 million. In 2021, that increased to over $586 million, or an increase of about $50 million in just a year.

If you’re looking for a living wage in Vancouver, you might want to look at opportunities over at Vancouver City Hall.

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