Cineplex offering $1 charge to reserve seats at select Star Wars screenings

Dec 15 2017, 2:24 pm

As moviegoers prepare to see the highly anticipated Star Wars film The Last Jedi, Cineplex has made it ‘easier’ to reserve the best seats in the house.

Offered at select Star Wars screenings across Canada, moviegoers can now pay a $1 charge to reserve their seat, so they no longer have to worry about losing their seat.

Daily Hive had the chance to speak to Sarah Van Lange, Director of Communications for Cineplex, who said the $1 charge will help “expedite entry and reduce line-ups for guests.”

There is now added reserved seating in select auditoriums across Cineplex’s Canadian circuit.

“Our guests love reserved seating as it really does improve the guest experience in-theatre, particularly when a film like Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres and our theatres are at capacity,” says Van Lange.

Currently, Cineplex offers reserved seating at all of Cineplex’s VIP Cinemas, IMAX and UltraAVX auditoriums and has also offered it in other auditoriums in the past when Cineplex anticipates high guest demand.

“Movie-lovers can arrive at the theatre knowing that they don’t need to rush and that their seat is waiting for them,” says Van Lange.

If you’re planning on seeing Star Wars: The Lase Jedi this weekend, make sure to ask if the $1 reserved seating charge is available at your theatre. Because you don’t want to be that person who has to sit in the front row.

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