Chronic skin condition has met its match with the help of B.C.'s provincial tree

Dec 19 2017, 8:35 pm

Do any of your current skin care products contain the essential oil of the Western Red Cedar tree?

I didn’t think so.

Used for many years by First Nation’s people for its medicinal and healing properties, now B.C.’s beautiful provincial tree can help us get back to our roots.

Made in Vancouver by dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers – Riversol Skin Care for Sensitive Skin, Acne and Rosacea connects innovative technology to the natural and simple ingredients of the land, to produce a formula unlike any other.

CEO of Riversol Skin Care Solutions Inc., Sandi Lesueur says the system boasts natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and plant derived healing properties.

“Riversol reduces irritation, and naturally exfoliates the skin’s surface without stripping it of its moisture, all while calming and providing relief,” she said. “Rivers MD and Riversol Original skin care appeals to those who seek naturally derived skin care that can be supported by scientific data and most importantly, produces results.”

Early research by dermatologist Dr. Rivers, along with the help of an environmental scientist, led to the introduction of Beta-Thujaplicin, the potent plant derived molecule originally used by First Nations people.

More than 120 peer-reviewed scientific articles exist on the biological effects and beneficial properties of this ingredient – and so, here it is finally being made available to us.

Dr. Rivers Bio & Picture - for Fresh Magazine March 2014

Dr. Rivers essentially strived to minimize the number of ingredients used in the formulation.

“I hope that by having created the products myself, I will make it easier for the consumer by eliminating the guesswork when then look at the ingredient list on the label of a cream or serum and wonder what is in the bottle.”

Riversol began bursting in reviews as the solution to the chronic skin care condition, rosacea, once people with the condition started to notice its calming effects on their sensitive skin.

“As the line is suitable for Rosacea, it is also well tolerated by those with sensitive skin in general, those with acne prone skin and eczema. Further, the product line is very useful after a number of medical treatments including microdermabrasions, chemical peels and laser procedures.”

“As a dermatologist, I have had a passion about the skin for over 30 years.  I am fortunate that I love what I do and have never gone to work wishing I didn’t have to be there (that is, I have missed 3 days of work in the past 30 years!) all this to say…I want my patients to know the importance of good skin care.”

Simply said: Good skin equals good health.

He assured that the process doesn’t have to be complex or time consuming, but said it is important for people to know that good skin care is at the foundation of overall skin health.

While the importance of having healthy, clear skin is different for everyone, through her research, Sandi has found that people view others as being healthy in general if their skin is good.

“Women and men who suffer with sensitive skin, acne or rosacea tend be less social and avoid public events if their skin is irritated,” she said. “Dr. Rivers and I wanted to create a natural line that was free of parabens, gluten, mineral oil, fragrance, sulfates, formaldehyde and other irritating ingredients with a simple 3 step daily regime.


I will be reviewing this product myself and will report my findings – stay tuned. 

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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