"Take the L": Christy Clark heckled on Twitter for supporting Jason Kenney

May 19 2022, 8:43 pm

Premier Jason Kenney recently announced that he was stepping down as leader of the United Conservative Party, and the former BC Premier Christy Clark was not happy about it.

In turn, social media was not happy about her expression of support for Kenney, which included her suggesting that he made Canada a better place.

She tweeted out her reaction to the news, suggesting that he “always tried to do the right thing not just the popular one.”

People were quick to react to her tweet and it was mostly in the form of criticism.

The tweet received over 1,900 likes, but it was also ratioed with over 1,700 comments and over 300 quote tweets.

Clark was BC’s premier between 2011 and 2017, during which time Kenney served as a federal minister in a variety of roles. This allowed the two to work together on a number of political causes.

clark and kenney


A day after her tweet of support, she tweeted again reflecting on the amount of reaction her tweet got saying, “good morning haters and bots!”

That tweet has also received its fair share of reactions. Needless to say, people weren’t holding back.

Someone pointed out that the bots probably couldn’t hear her.

This was probably the best reaction to the initial tweet:


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