Vancouver start-up launches chopstick subscription service

Aug 6 2020, 5:31 pm

ChopValue, a Vancouver based start-up, has launched their Chopstick+ subscription service.

The company, which aims to educate and promote sustainability and circular economy, has launched a service that offers local restaurants an unlimited number of chopsticks, using an innovative Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) subscription model.

The service provides restaurants with an unlimited monthly supply of high-quality disposable bamboo chopsticks.

“Although others view disposable chopsticks as waste, ChopValue sees them as a wasted resource,” the company said in a press release.

Chopstick+ is available for $99 a month and incentivizes recycling by “providing cost savings to restaurant partners who only have to pay a fee for the chopsticks that are not returned to be recycled.”

So, customers are only paying extra for the chopsticks that are not returned ChopValue for recycling.

This means, no waste, no extra charge.

The PaaS model allows the company to manage its supply chain and improve environmental and economic performance. This also offers a recurring revenue stream for franchisee partners.

Chopsticks are designed to raise awareness, promote a “closed-loop system,” and educate the importance of a circular economy.

“ChopValue also takes the guesswork out of recycling.” Consumers will have the opportunity to read about the company’s process in their Urban Impact Report. They will also be able to purchase chopsticks in their “second lifeform.”

“Interruptions due to COVID-19 allowed us to take a step back and reevaluate our entire supply chain. We uncovered an opportunity to improve the entire lifecycle of our products, and Chopstick+ was born. It’s a win-win for our recycling partners, end consumers, our company, and the environment,” said ChopValue CEO, Felix Böck.

“By participating in Chopstick+, we are giving recycling partners the ability to differentiate themselves as sustainability leaders, while being cost-efficient. Our team also provides transparent metrics on chopsticks recycled and CO2 emissions reduced to each of our partners. We have always been committed to leading by example with sustainable practices and through Chopstick+, we hope to inspire other businesses that deal with a large number of disposables to make more conscious decisions.”

The company sees chopsticks as a viable example of a circular economy because the average disposable chopstick travels 6,000 miles for a 20 to 30 minute use. North America, as a continent, imports 40 to 50 billion pairs of chopsticks per year, mainly from China.
“A chance to lead by example making circular economy the norm with the humble chopstick as viable resource.”

For more information about the subscription service, visit the ChopValue website.

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