"Chinese Representative" sought after by "Canadian Investors" in funny Craigslist ad

Jul 9 2016, 5:46 am

Someone in Vancouver wants to make reverse foreign investment a thing and invade the Chinese housing market. But unlike the free-for-all-market in Vancouver, getting into China is a bit tricker. Hence this hilarious Craigslist ad seeking a Chinese representative.

Like the ad says, “It’s on like wonton.”

Enough is enough. We’ve had it with this hostile takeover of our home and native land. Lord knows Christy won’t help us. I pray to her every night and still, nothing. I now see why they call you Crusty.

So it’s come down to this.

I have a group of over 50 wealthy Mainland Vancouverites ready and willing to invest in Chinese real estate, in their most beautiful city. They think they’re the only ones with money? Oh we’ve got it too.

We are seeking a Chinese citizen to help us in the areas of trading and translation in order to make these transactions as smooth as possible.

We will be compensating lucratively, and are open to negotiation.

It’s on like wonton.

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