Vancouver-based Chinese digital marketing agency ‘Sheng Li’ debuts at SXSW

Dec 19 2017, 9:54 am

Did you know Sina Weibo has nearly eight times the users of Twitter and that search engine Baidu controls more than 70% of China’s web search? North American businesses attempt to navigate this market, but without the fluency and experience of a native speaker, they often sink.

Here’s where Sheng Li Digital comes in. Debuting at SXSW Interactive, Sheng Li is a Chinese online marketing agency and the wholly-owned subsidiary of Vancouver’s 6S Marketing. Translated, ‘sheng li’ means ‘victory’ — and the agency promises nothing but triumph for companies targeting both North American and international Chinese-speakers.


“Sheng Li is revolutionizing the agency world, in that they’re giving English businesses a local’s insight into the Chinese market,” said 6S Marketing’s President, Chris Breikss. Sheng Li was born out of the success 6S Marketing achieved running Chinese campaigns for clients.

Picture a fashion school trying to attract international applicants; an automobile company wanting to appeal to Chinese buyers; a real estate developer seeking lucrative foreign investment. These are all real-world client examples, with optimal results achieved by the Sheng Li team. “Communication is much more comfortable and effective when using the language, technology and media environment native to the customers,” explained Sheng Li’s lead project manager Amy Bao.

There’s also the allure of exclusivity — being one of the first businesses to reach this demographic successfully. “The Chinese-speaking community is a largely untapped market by North American companies,” explained account manager April Yau. “This community makes up the world’s largest internet user base, so there’s enormous potential.”

Here at home, over 25 per cent of City of Vancouver residents and over 15 per cent of Metro Vancouver residents speak a Chinese language as their first language – the potential isn’t just on a global level.

Sheng Li’s services range from SEO performed in Baidu and Google to online advertising, website design and translation. Social media marketing makes up a large component of business, with strategies provided for platforms like Weibo, Youku, WeChat, Facebook and YouTube.

Bao and Yau are promoting the agency’s launch at SXSW, and will be broadcasting all the highlights of their journey on social media. Follow them @shenglidigital for the latest updates as they take SXSW by storm.


Image: Kris Krug

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