Are you Team Otter or Team Koi? Vancouverites divided on wildlife saga

Nov 26 2018, 7:43 pm

As the wildlife saga of the year ramps up in Chinatown, more and more Vancouverites are taking note of a cunning otter and a pond of Koi at the Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

Since arriving at the Garden’s pond on Sunday, November 17, both the otter and koi have blown up in popularity and across social media.

A pair of Twitter pages have been created by anonymous Vancouverites, dubbed the “Chinatown Otter” and the “Chinatown Koi.”

The hashtag #Otterwatch2018 has also been trending in Metro Vancouver, with more and more locals voicing their opinions.

Devoted fans can also pick up Team Otter or Team Koi buttons. Proceeds, originally, were going to be donated to the garden. Staff have opted, however, to send the funds to a wildlife preservation organization instead.

As it stands, several more Koi were lost on the weekend, bringing the total up to 10 fish eaten from the pond.

Fortunately, the garden staff were able to catch one Koi and have relocated it to the Vancouver Aquarium.

The garden remains closed until further notice.

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