First sign of spring! Flowers are officially blooming in Vancouver

Feb 7 2023, 12:15 am

If you’re sick of winter, you’re not alone.

A brave cherry tree in downtown Vancouver has brightly declared it’s time for spring, bursting into an early-February bloom.

The tree on Haro Street in the West End appears to be one of the first of the season to open its flowers, but others will certainly follow close behind.

The first viburnum and cherry blossom blooms of the season typically appear in February (or even January), with the city reaching peak cherry blossom bloom by late March or early April. The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the trees that make the city feel like a fairy tale and hosts events during the peak bloom period.

Want to track down the best blooms in the city? Check out our cherry blossom map to plan your route.

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