Cherry Blossom Madness: Instagrammer blasts bad behaviour every spring

Apr 1 2023, 11:56 pm

It’s cherry blossom season in Vancouver, and a local Instagram account calling out blossom-seekers’ bad behaviour is back at it.

LeLe Chan is an artist living in a cherry-blossom-laden neighbourhood in Vancouver. She runs the account @cherryblossommadness and shares videos and images of people engaging in all manners of bizarre behaviour around the cherry blossoms.

Some of the content is funny – the lengths people go to to take the perfect photo are objectively hilarious. But some of the content shows disrespectful behaviour like people snapping off cherry blossom branches or climbing on trees.

“I started documenting the blossom madness during my first spring season when I moved to this street,” Chan told Daily Hive.

“I was baffled and confused by the number of people, and the neighbours informed me it happens every year,” she said.

Chan has seen so much strange behaviour unfolding on her street that prompted her to first start an Instagram account.

“People do all sorts of things that it’s hard to surprise me anymore,” said Chan.

“I guess a few highlights would be, the amateur rap video that was filmed here, and the bikini shoot from way back.”

Chan said that she and her neighbours do not love how busy their normally quiet street gets during cherry blossom season.

“We don’t like it when people are not respectful of the trees, the residents, and private property,” said Chan.

“There are many actual parks where you can enjoy the blossoms even more than our street,” she said.

“Imagine all these people doing all these things in your front yard and on your street. How would you feel?” said Chan.

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (VCBF) has reminders for folks entering residential neighbourhoods to be respectful of the environment and the residents, many of whom are taking care of the beautiful trees you’ve come to see. Here are some basic rules for cherry blossom season etiquette from the VCBF:

1. Do not climb the trees
2. Do not break the branches
3. Be respectful of the residents who live on the street
4. Do not stop in the middle of the street
5. Keep your visit to a maximum of 15 minutes
6. Stay on city property, do not go on private property
7. Stay off the grass

Happy spring!

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