Pandemic pivot: Caterer launches products and gift baskets during COVID

Oct 6 2021, 5:15 pm

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A Vancouver-based chef is carefully selecting ingredients to put in a gift basket that will help elevate a memorable event.

Laura Arcangeli at ChefLaura Catering + Events + Food is helping meal preparation easier and tastier with her local products.

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“The idea of creating a product line has been percolating in my mind for years. When Covid-19 hit in March 2020, my catering business came to a halt. I finally had the time to create a product line,” she told the Daily Hive in an interview.


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“Spice blends are fundamental to flavour so, that was the start. I set out to create something fun and whimsical in a time that was rather dark.”

She decided to put their products culinary gift baskets as part of the experience. Her baskets have gourmet items to help chefs create memorable dishes.

The basket includes preserves, pantry items such as spices, simple syrups, and more. 

They have also partnered with a local winery and a Canadian company that crafts gorgeous wooden and cloth designs for the kitchen — which can be purchased with certain boxes.

Their line of gift baskets is available online here and is also available in a selection of retail stores which is constantly expanding.


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A post shared by Chef Laura (@chef_laura_vancouver)

Given all of this, Arcangeli’s passion for food did not start there.

“I have always been inspired by the impact that food has on life. Growing up in a kitchen and now being a chef for almost 30 years, I truly believe that food, great food, is the bonding element of people,” she said.

The gift baskets were part of her dream to create memorial events that bring people together.

“This product line and culinary baskets enable the buyers to share this experience by giving them some key ingredients to make preparations simple.”

Their goal is to continue developing new products and growing their customer base and distribution. 

“Success to me is a sense of accomplishment that comes with a sense of moving forward. Creating something that people desire and need to enhance their quality of life is definitely an element to our success,” said Arcangeli.

Her business also values using sustainable and local ingredients, which is a reason why she believes their customer base was successful from the start.

“Everyone works so hard for their money. Spending their hard-earned cash on ChefLaura products is the highest compliment.”

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