Check out these 7 BC beaches this summer

May 31 2017, 12:29 am

Beaches in Vancouver are literal hot-spots during the summer months, and with the sunshine we’ve been getting over the past few days—and will be getting for a long time to come *fingers crossed*—there’s nothing better than spending a day off lounging the warm sand.

Problem is… you’re not the only one to come up with that bright idea.

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Yes, beaches are for everyone, and yes, happiness is best shared, but sometimes you want to enjoy the sound of waves against rocks, the smell of the ocean salt, and the sight of a picturesque sunset—not the fuzzy boomboxes, hotdog vendors, and middle-aged, speedo-clad men that litter Vancouver’s busiest beaches.

Quick solution? Find you’re own oceanside oasis. BC is a big province with an abundance of coastline, so there’s got to be a few sandy spots out there that offer some semblance of solitude, right?

Lucky for you, we’ve found a few.

McDonald Park Beach

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Where: 3500 McDonald Rd, Richmond

This one is a dog’s dream come true. Sitting on the northern portion of Sea Island (where all the big planes are) this beach has an off leash area frequented by many furry friends, and your dog will have a blast splashing in the water and playing in the sand. Just a heads up: you don’t even need to have your own pet to enjoy watching the puppers play. The perfect dog-spotting location.

Jug Island Beach

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Where: Belcarra Peninsula

It may not be the sandiest nor the sunniest beach on this list, but it is one of the funnest to get to! Roughly a two hour hike from the Belcarra Park Picnic Area, the beach offers a great place to cool off and nice view of Jug Island in the distance. You could always just boat/kayak to it… and save yourself the sweat.

Dundarave Beach

Where: 150 25th St, West Vancouver

Dundarave Beach is basically West Vancouver’s version of English Bay, right down to the giant logs adorning the sand. It may not be entirely secluded, but with 50 metres of sandy shores to work with and the fact that it is out of the main city, Dundarave Beach will definitely be a quieter place to stretch out those legs.

Stearman Beach

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Where: The end of Stearman Avenue, West Vancouver

Another one of West Van’s gems, Stearman Beach is a smaller area, with swimmable waters and soft sand. You’ve probably driven by it a few times without even realizing, but it is quite easy to get to if you know what to look for. Definitely worth the trip across the bay.

Crescent Rock Beach

Where: The end of Beecher Street, Surrey

You know a beach is secluded when it’s a good to spot for those looking to get a full body suntan, if you know what I mean. Located in Surrey, Crescent Rock Beach is hidden from the rest of the main beach and spying eyes by rocks that flank the beach’s shores. Be sure to bring a blanket, though; this one is a little more rocky than it is sandy.

Brunswick Beach

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Where: Brunswick Beach Road, off the Sea-To-Sky Highway

Another popular area for people looking to shed their swimsuits, Brunswick Beach is a bit of a road trip away from Vancouver, but that only means that there will be less people to vie for spots with once you get there. Located near Lion’s Bay, the parking around Brunswick Beach is mostly private, so you’ll have to park along the highway and walk in—just make sure to look both ways.

New Brighton Park Beach

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Where: 3201 New Brighton Road, Vancouver

One of the closest to the Downtown core without actually being in the bustle of the city, New Brighton Park Beach sits near the southern base of the Second Narrows Bridge. It comes fully loaded with washrooms, a pool, concession, parks, and fields, though many people drive by it on a daily basis without realizing it’s even there. A great place to view North Vancouver, take your dog for a walk, or spend a quiet day off.

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