Vancouver Cheap Eats: Top Banh Mi Finds $5 (or under)

We love Banh Mi! From its crackly crust to its pickled vegetables, we appreciate everything about it. So much- in fact, that we wanted to find the best Banh Mi in Vancouver for $5 (or less). and Vancity Buzz are proud to present our Top 10 favorite Banh Mi Finds $5 (or under).

1. Empress Bakery $2.75 Banh Mi:

Empress Bakery is best known for offering the cheapest Banh Mi in Vancouver. Although they specialize in only one kind of Banh Mi, they do it exceptionally well. The bread is perfectly light and crunchy while the pickled vegetables are bold and refreshing.

Empress bakery is located at 666 Kingsway  (Mount Pleasant/Main St Neighbourhood).

2. Kim Chau Deli $3.00 Special Banh Mi

Kim Chau’s Deli is a favorite amongst the locals. This joint serves up one mean Banh Mi at only $3! Their sub is generously sized and filled with all the usual ingredient suspects: carrots, pickled radish, planks of sliced cucumbers, hot peppers, paté, and two different meats.

Kim Chau Deli is located at 1327 Kingsway (Kensington neighbourhood).

3. Tung Hing $3.25 Special Banh Mi

This Banh Mi is about 8-10 inches long and stuffed with tons of little goodies such as Vietnamese Ham, Head Cheese, and BBQ Pork flavored Bacon (to just name a few). Did your pulse just quicken after reading BBQ Pork flavored Bacon? So did ours. Deep breaths my friends—we haven’t even mentioned the best part about this joint. Your Banh Mi is made customized- something like a Subway sandwich selection style!

Tung Hing is located at 1198 Kingsway (Kensington neighbourhood).

4. Au Petit Cafe $3.75 Banh Mi

This cozy Café serves up 5 different style Banh Mi in the $3.75-$4.75 range. Au Petit Café is best known for their Banh Mi bread. Their baguette is light and crunchy, allowing the flavors inside to really become the focal point. The Chow Team highly recommends this joint.

Au Petite Cafe is located at 4851 Main St (Riley Park neighbourhood).

5. Golden Garden Vietnamese $4 Banh Mi

Claimed by the Georgia straight magazine to be a “must try”, this 8 inches of heaven is packed with liver pate, ham, cucumber, pickled daikon , carrots & cilantro. Golden Gate Vietnamese offers five different types of banh mi, all of which are in the $4 range.

Golden Garden is located at 509 Main Street (Chinatown).

6. .Ba Le Sandwich Shop $4 Beef Satay Banh Mi

What could be better than a sexy marinated beef satay? Only a sexy marinated beef satay stuffed between two crispy rolls! And then stuffed with all kind of vegetable goodies, and lastly topped off with peanuts!

Ba Le Sandwich Shop is located at 633 Main St  (Chinatown).

7. One Saigon $4.25 Special Banh Mi Sandwich

There are many flavors to choose from at One Saigon—from Marinated pork to tofu, they have it all. They even take the traditional Banh Mi to another level by offering Banh Mi Wraps ($3.75).

One Saigon is located at 979 Hornby Street .

8. Viet Sub $4.25 Special Banh Mi

Layered between two perfectly crusty layers of baguette are Vietnamese hams, cold cut, meat and minced meatballs.  Viet sub is a popular Vanctiy cheap fix.

Viet Sub is located at 520 Robson St.

9. Pho Central $4.50 special Banh Mi

Unlike other joints, Pho Central actually grills and seasons all the meats used in their Banh Mi’s. To make things even better, the bacon, ham and Pate are also smoked. The result is one sexy Banh Mi.

Pho Central is located at 1118 Davie St (Downtown Vancouver).

10. BaoQi Eateri $5 Banh Mi

This Vietnamese eatery offers a wide range of banh mi subs. For you vegetarians out there—our favorite is the lemongrass banh mi with lemongrass tofu, pickles, daikon, carrots, cilantro, cucumber, jalapeno, and an avocado aoili.

BaoQi Eateri is located at 620 Davie Street (Yaletown Neighbourhood)


Romina Moradi Via (Your local source for your next $5 meal deal).

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