Where to buy century-old rare tea for $600,000 in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 10:14 pm

This one is for serious tea lovers only. Make that serious tea lovers with deep pockets. Very deep.

An extremely rare century-old tea, sold in disc (or “tea cake”) form, is for sale locally for the bargain price of $600,000.

The tea cake is made of 375 grams of a raw compressed tea known as pu’erh, according to The Province, which is considered the “king of teas.” Pu’erh, which hails from China’s Yunnan province, is a fermented black tea with a legendary past.

Collectors delight in getting a hold of vintage pu’erh, like the 1910 tea cake that can be found in Vancouver, worth $600,000.

6 Mountain Tea Ltd. is a North American tea wholesaler based here in Vancouver, which boasts items from the Yeung Family tea collection–“a collection that rivals that of Beijing’s Palace Museum,” notes The Province. They’ve got this “drink-able antique” tea in their collection.

Of course, a $600,000 tea cake is only worth that much until you break it up to make that first cup; it’s estimated that the cost of brewing the first cup would be $150,000.

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