CCM unveils new protective on-ice hockey face masks

Sep 18 2020, 1:21 pm

CCM has unveiled a new hockey-friendlyĀ face mask in the case of returning to play.

The Canadian hockey equipment manufacturer says it is the first company to build an on-ice face mask.

Compatible for both full shields and cages, along with a separate goalie version, CCMā€™s new Game On Mask is designed to “help players have a safer return to the ice.”

The Game On Masks has openings on the side to allow for improved air flow compared to a standard face mask and it has a Level 3 Water Resistance Protection designation (the highest standard from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health).


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“With the Game On Mask, players have an added protective barrier that also increases the protection from contamination of those around them, all while allowing for the breathability needed for on-ice play,” says CCM.

CCM has a disclaimer that the product does not eliminate the risk of inbound or outbound contagion.


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